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Pradichaya Poonyarit Voice Studio | Lehigh Valley, Easton, PA

Teaching Philosophy

We all were born equipped with all singing tools needed within our own bodies. My job is to help you recognize the amazing way the body coordinates in order to produce the sound.

You were given one voice. Please handle your only voice with loving care. Learn how to keep the voice healthy and young-sounding always.

One's body is one's own vocal instrument, and one carries it around everywhere she or he goes.

Sound rides on the exhalation of the air. When one sings, one controls the pouring outflow of the air by flexing the necessary muscles, which keeps excessive airflow from exiting the mouth too soon.

That is how one creates the singing line. We can also say that singing is the consistent streaming of the airflow. Should we want to sing well with no breaking -no interruption of the singing line- we must find the way to use the body's muscles in order to keep the airflow steady and consistent. In order to learn best how to do that a singer needs to be guided by an experienced teacher. The student must apply herself and persevere, as the study of one's voice is not easy, and it can be a lifelong journey for those who are dedicated. Yet, it can be achieved, and it has been achieved by many great artists in both the classical and non-classical singing worlds.

I am a voice builder. I help you -my students- to understand the path of the voice. I help you find the muscles that need to be involved, and with my guidance you put everything together. You come to me weekly to build and gain the strength until you can maintain and make the sound automatically, without thinking about every little muscle which you employ.

I believe in singing in the most healthy way -by connecting all the dots of the body's functions to create the most beautiful sound. One can choose any singing style, but she or he must know first how to sing. Singing is healthy, NEVER painful. Beautiful singing is like a feather blown gently by the wind: flowing, floating, and is almost weightless.

Like everything else, we cannot just use our voices without maintaining them. Your instrument will be handled with care, and I will show you how to take good care of your singing body.

I am the ears and the eyes which you can trust. I am here to help. I teach, nurture you, and guide you through the exciting singing journey. When singing discovery is achieved, self discovery is also achieved.

There is no price in the world that I can place on what you may learn from me. All I can ask from you is to respect my time and to pay fees for the time I will spend nurturing your singing-self.

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Artist Biography

Soprano Pradichaya Gafaae Poonyarit majored in opera and vocal performance at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, Connecticut, but soon after starting her family she returned to Thailand and lived there for thirteen years. During this time, she was an active participant in the Bangkok classical music arena, producing her own concerts, teaching voice at Silpakorn and Mahidol universities as well as running her own teaching and production studio, appearing in several concerts and recitals (including several with the Bangkok Music Society), and appearing with the Bangkok Opera- with whom she performed the roles of Donna Elvira, Miss Jessel, and Dido, as well as roles in two different world premieres. She also gave vocal and operatic masterclasses and workshops during her stay in Thailand.

In the USA she has performed in several recitals and concerts and has appeared with Espresso Opera in New York City, performing the roles of Leonora in Il trovatore and the title role in Adriana Lecouvreur, as well as the title role in Suor Angelica with Capitol Opera Harrisburg, Zerlina with Capitol Heights Lyric Opera, and, with Center Stage Opera, the role of Maddalena in Giordano’s demanding opera, Andrea Chenier; and, most recently, Pradichaya returned to Center Stage Opera to perform the title role in Verdi's Aida.

Her recent work includes trips to Bangkok last two summers where she gave a masterclass and voice lesson series to advanced students and voice teachers. She also performed in an operatic recital at the end of the 2012 summer program. Such was its success that she was invited back in the summer of 2013. -In July-August of 2014, Pradichaya conducted a 6-week intensive program -Throat training-throat strengthening in Easton, PA.

Having such an intimate knowledge of the vocal mechanism, along with extensive experience in vocal instruction- gained through both teaching and performing- Pradichaya is able not only to pinpoint quickly the causes of problems in students' execution, but she is able also to suggest specific exercises to overcome technical hurdles. She is dedicated to helping her students learn more about their own voices and becoming better singers.

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