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How do you know if voice lessons are right for you?

Everyone is born privileged with the ability to make sound. Some are equipped with more "raw" talent than others, yet most enjoy singing.

My belief is that almost anyone can sing- even those referred to as tone deaf are not really "tone deaf," as they can be taught by being shown a different way to hear pitches.

I often say, "Singing is such a fundamental part of being human. With an understanding of the voice, one can sing anything!"

...But, how does one come to understand the voice and how it works, and why should anyone care how the voice works, since they all seem to be able to "just sing?"

Owning "the voice" is a given; but, like other functions of the body with which one was born, the voice and its mechanism has to be nourished and maintained in order to last as long as the rest of body.

There is only one voice for each of us. It is rather important to have an idea of knowing how to preserve your voice and make it last for as long as you need it.

Whether you have a pretty voice and love to sing, a not-so pretty voice yet you love to sing, are a singer by profession, or sing only on occasion -church, choir, soloist, wedding, funerals, etc. -you all can sing and learn how to make your voice last a long time.

Candidates for voice students

  1. Anyone who LOVES to sing and wants to sing his best!!
  2. Children/teens whose parents would like for them to build their music skills and develop their confidence in order to express themselves creatively.
  3. Aspiring singers and actors who want to strengthen and train their throats and to add flexibility to those muscles necessary for singing and acting.
  4. Voice professionals who would like to check in and tune up -refreshing their techniques and picking up tips and extra skills.
  5. Voice educators who would like to see different perspectives and add extra pointers to their skills.

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