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"One needs a voice teacher to learn singing technique, to solidify his singing foundation, and to add more delicate techniques as he continues his progress. Strengthening, training, and stamina-building are taught and drilled in the voice lessons. A voice teacher suggests and assigns repertoire; first, as a learning tool, later as a showcase to be added to the student's own portfolio."

My time is as important as your time

Prospective students and parents: please read this before you make appointments with me for voice lessons.

Pradichaya Poonyarit Voice Studio | Lehigh Valley, Easton, PA

My time is as important as your time

I am a teacher, but instead of teaching in college or school, I teach privately. I don't have any work organization to guarantee my hours. I don't get weekends off, vacation days, sick days, health insurance or benefits.

Full-time college- or school- teachers, by contrast, are paid in advance to be at work all day; and if one or two of their students don't show, they are still paid for being there. I, on the other hand, am not paid when I have an empty slot.

This means my time is valuable, and I have to spend it well: including planning all my lessons in advance. When a student books me for a lesson, I set that hour aside for them exclusively. Not only am I now unable to use it for anyone else, when the day of the lesson arrives, I spend additional time preparing for the lesson.

An emergency or sudden illness is a sufficient reason to inform me of a last minute cancellation. If, however, you reserve an hour from me and then something else should come up that you'd simply rather be doing, cancelling my lesson is NOT acceptable. Unlike changing your mind about the purchase of a thing which you can return to the store, which can then turn around and resell it, I cannot recoup a lost hour (or the time in preparation): It is gone forever.

The same is true for a new student whom I have never met, and who calls and makes an appointment for the first lesson but then fails to show. Not only is that inconsiderate, but it is bad-mannered, rude and disrespectful.

If a new student, or anyone else, thinks not to give me respect and consideration for the reason that I provide only a service, but not any knowledge and skill, then such a student has no place in my studio.

Likewise, not showing up at the appointment time and failing to inform me indicates that such a person doesn't take her/his voice lesson seriously, and I have no room for such a person in my studio. I dedicate my time to teaching others who really want to learn.

When it comes to the art of singing, one must be serious. She/he must have enough drive to seek the knowledge- so strongly- that she/he is prepared to come to the teacher at the arranged time. In the meantime, the teacher will do what she must in order to be ready to teach the lesson.

Please ask yourself- or your children- if you/they are serious to acquire the knowledge of the singing art and that you are ready to do so.

If so, please prepay for your lesson hour. Please contact me to set up an interview. The time slot will be secured only after the payment is made.

Thank you. I look forward to seeing you on the other side

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