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Reviews: Pradichaya Poonyarit Voice Studio
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Some reviews from my voice students

Pradichaya Poonyarit Voice Studio | Lehigh Valley, Easton, PAHaving sung professionally for thirty-some years, I’ve had things said to me –both in front of my face and in public writing. It has been a mixed bag between good- kind words of praise- and bad- sometimes downright nasty- words. I deeply appreciate when my audience likes me; and, when it does not like me, I give a thought to its reaction: “Am I what it says?” “Do I agree, should I make some adjustments, and what do I do to improve?”

I learned early in life that I can’t take to heart the opinions of others. After all, I cannot please everyone. It also dawned on me that I am not here for the purpose of pleasing others. Whether what I do is “good” or “bad” is up to me, and not based upon anyone else’s opinion. Certainly, I can think about what is said: then I can also choose to disregard and move on or make an improvement.

As a teacher, the only review that matters is the review I give to myself. Have my students learned from me better today than they did six months ago? – That is what matters. Since all students are unique in their own ways, I consistently check to see if I have the right approach for each one.

Students grow and they move on. When the time comes, I often receive heartfelt thanks which I hold dear and close to my heart. If I had collected them over the years, I would have several drawers full of them. The thanks I receive, however, are not nearly as important to me as the fact that my students have learned and will do something good with what they have learned.

These are a few reviews:

Pradichaya Poonyarit Voice Studio | Lehigh Valley, Easton, PA“Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me over the past few years. I have learned so much from you, and you helped me gain the confidence I needed to go out and perform. Here are some truffles*, because they will always remind me of you!

“Excellent lessons taught by a professional singer. Ms.Pradichaya gave me the technique to maintain healthy and life long singing. My voice is stronger yet more beautiful. Thank you very much.”

“I had very good lessons with Ms.Pradichaya. Thank you very much.”

* A note about MR's reference to "truffles" that they remind her of me. In all four years that she was studying, I used chocolate truffles to help her in creating more space in her mouth. As it turned out, truffles did a little more than that for both of us!