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"One needs a voice teacher to learn singing technique, to solidify his singing foundation, and to add more delicate techniques as he continues his progress. Strengthening, training, and stamina-building are taught and drilled in the voice lessons. A voice teacher suggests and assigns repertoire; first, as a learning tool, later as a showcase to be added to the student's own portfolio."

Sing anything you want

I often say that I do not teach you to sing "like me," and it doesn't matter what your choice is, as long as you sing your best "like you."

Pradichaya Poonyarit Voice Studio | Lehigh Valley, Easton, PA
"I want to sing normal music, NOT opera."

When newcomers see my bio, or listen to my audio clips, at some point in the lessons they'd say this to me.

I can't help but smile.

You can like alternative rock style belting, and I can find bel-canto singing favorable to my taste, and vice versa. -What we like and dislike is just an opinion.

I often say that I do not teach you to sing "like me," and it doesn't matter what your choice is, as long as you sing your best "like you." I teach you the structure of singing through showing you the vocal mechanism and how it works. Then, I show you a variety of ways to give the voice different effects. It is not my objective to have you walk out from my studio and be my clone. But, whether your interest is pop, rock, country, R&B, new-age or -heaven forbid- classical and opera, believe it or not, all artists of the different kinds of music still rely on the same instument, regardless. This instrument is you -your body. This is why one needs to learn the way of the voice inside his body. And, this is why we all need to learn to build healthy habits upon our foundation.

Every body is different, and each person is a separate entity from another. Singing technique, similar to sports such as football, baseball, tennis, and, swimming, etc, is laid upon general guidelines and structure. Different students with different types of singing interests start their learning by being shown the same basic information from the ground up. Not until this understanding is reached, and though practical practice a certain goal is achieved, can a student then move on to his particular area of interest.

If you walk into a teaching studio for the first time -before you have acquired a basic technique, and you have not yet understood how the voice works in conjuction to the body- and tell the vocal instructor that you only want to learn to sing a song by your favorite artist, should she teach you the song per your request -without first doing a vocal check-up with you- you will have by-passed the most critical "must-acquire" step in your singing life. By the time you realize what you've missed and try to start over from-the-beginning, you likely will have already brought unhealthy singing habits into the way you sing. These will take some time -up to a long time- to be undone and replaced with good and healthy habits, acquired through the guidance of a good teacher.

You may sing anything you want, just know how to sing it well.

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