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"One needs a voice teacher to learn singing technique, to solidify his singing foundation, and to add more delicate techniques as he continues his progress. Strengthening, training, and stamina-building are taught and drilled in the voice lessons. A voice teacher suggests and assigns repertoire; first, as a learning tool, later as a showcase to be added to the student's own portfolio."

Dear Prospective Students:

Registration is closed at this time. If you would like to be on the waiting list for the next available spot, please leave your contact information on the Website contact form. In the meantime, you may continue to use the resources contained in the Website. Thank you.

Pradichaya Poonyarit Voice Studio

You know how to sing. I know how to teach your voice

Everyone knows how to sing, but not everyone knows how to use her voice properly.

Ever since I was a young girl, singing has been such a joy. Growing up in a musical household, there was singing everywhere and all the time. Soon, though, I was made aware it wasn’t enough that I just sang, but that I also needed to be careful how I used my voice.

The voice is very important: We utter our first sounds when we are born, and we continue until we leave this world. I have studied voice and opera performance in college and in graduate school, I became an opera singer, and for almost twenty-five years I have been teaching people how to use their voices.

I have extensive experience teaching as a member of the voice faculties of two of the best music programs in Thailand- Silpakorn and Mahidol Universities- as well as teaching at my private studio. I have taught a wide variety of students: from middle to high school-aged students, to college voice students, voice teachers, chairs and heads of voice faculty of a few music colleges, and men and women in their 50's, 60's, and 70's. Many of my students have become successful in their singing careers, both in classical and in today’s music. Some now run their own teaching studios and have teaching posts at music schools, and a few have gone on to become celebrities.

As a performer, I have been active a little more than thirty years, now. I continue to perform, and my voice is still fresh and young-sounding.

What I have learned from my journey is that there will always be good days and bad days for the singing voice. I’ve had my share of the ups and downs of expressing myself through my voice. On some days, my body works well and the voice is glorious and it puts me on top of the world; on others, my body may feel slow and I have to use a different approach. There have been many trials and errors in my voice journey, but I always remember what another performer (who is also a colleague) once said to me: “It’s not what you do on the good days, but it’s how you handle the bad days that counts.”

You can sing. Anyone can sing; but whether anyone sings so well that she rises above everyone else -or has a longer singing life- depends upon the singer’s knowledge, understanding, and the ability to apply that knowledge and understanding to her own voice.

The voice needs to be taught so that it can function at its optimal efficiency, and I can teach you.


How to join

Pradichaya Poonyarit Voice Studio | Lehigh Valley, Easton, PA
Voice study is a serious and a long endeavor, requiring commitment from both teacher and student. The teacher-student relationship plays a big part in determining if one is ready, and how much one can learn.

Before you sign up and prepay for lessons, you must first make an appointment to see me by scheduling an assessment interview.

Only after you have read and understood the studio policy, and are ready to commit to studying voice mentally, physically, and financially, should you schedule this interview.

If you are not sure, please again go over the information that I have provided for you on the Website.

The interview will involve watching and listening to you sing, but it has nothing to do with how good you sound, how well you sing, or even how you look: it’s more about where you are in your vocal journey, and how well I believe you are a fit with my teaching methods.

I will give you my honest opinion and let you know whether you are the right type of candidate for my studio. It’s better from the outset that we don’t waste time, energy, and money investing in something –in this case, voice lessons- from which I know you won’t benefit. I will not take your money nor spend my time teaching something I know you won’t grasp.

The fee for the assessment interview is $40 and it lasts 30 minutes. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, whether you show up to the appointment or not. If I do accept you into the studio, and you agree to its terms and conditions, at the end you can sign up, make a full payment (2 weekly lessons at $160, or, 4 weekly lessons at $285 - please see Tuition), and arrange for dates and times for your lessons for the whole course. The assessment interview fee will be applied toward your first lesson payment.

Please do not make an appointment for an interview until you are ready to make the payment for the course. Once the business of joining is completed, you and I can begin with the business of voice study.